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In July 2017, Gelfman & Avidan embarked on a year-long performance across the USA, with Serendipity the leading force. The goal was: full immersion. If being present is about Being Here Now, the artists chose to maximize that ‘now’ by cutting away the past and the perceived control of the future. After giving away all their possessions, home and studios, they arrived in a new land where they knew no one and placed themselves completely in the hands of the unknown: letting strangers dictate the route, schedule and daily experiences, 

all the while committing to a 24/7/365 creative process in which they not only created public works daily, but also invited communities to actively participate in the project. The experiment was initially planned for one full year, but ended up lasting almost four. 

Serendipity has proven to be an incredible force. It led the project to 45 states, over 60,000 miles, hundreds of works (indoors and outdoors),  and working in and partnerships with cities, communities and countless individuals.

You can see the works create during this period throughout the different Projects & Series.

Mind the Heart - The Serendipity Experim
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