The 'Serendipity Experiment' has blurred the boundaries between living and working. All daily actions - walking, sleeping, eating, taking a shower, doing laundry - are entwined in the making of art. There is no separation, no buffer, no pause, no protection. Geography, social life, health, finances, all the way to bowel movements - life and art affect each other constantly, to the point of becoming one and the same. As a result, the artistic process has become fluid and reactionary, almost like breathing - in and out, input-output. As the barriers are removed, making the private public and vice versa, the artists submit themselves to be a blank canvas, ready to be marked by the ever-changing reality,  becoming just another element in the greater composition of the work.

© 2019 All rights reserved: Mind the Heart! Project (Roie Avidan & Maya Gelfman).


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