An evening of mindfulness at the Temple, Chattanooga TN

By Mind the Heart!,

Austin, our wondrous host, had connected us to an art lady in the city. We met her to explore possibilities and while we’re talking she picks up the phone and calls her husband (“you have to meet these two Israeli artists, they’re here right now, where are you?…”) It turns out he is jogging near by. In less than 10 minutes we are introduced to the Reform Rabbi of the community. We are independent thinkers and non-practicing in terms of religion, but here we were, sitting with the two of them, discussing mindfulness, life, beliefs, passions and the pursuit of happiness. And BBQ and ice cream. We spoke quite a lot about BBQ and ice cream. One thing led to another, and so it was that on that very Friday eve, we found ourselves giving a presentation of Mind the Heart! to the congregation at the local temple. An old, historic, beautiful building. Preceding us, the Rabbi had curated an evening of texts from the bible and sermons all dealing with mindfulness, many of which were breathtakingly beautiful. His interpretation of the 2,000 year old text felt deeply modern, and connected to our day-to-day secular experiences.

Mind the Heart! comes to Portsmouth, NH

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You are all invited to Come take part in a worldwide public-art project!

Starting this week in Portsmouth, NH –

This Friday 28th July, at Prescott Park Arts Festival, 4pm-6pm (right before the concert)

and a following exhibition opening at 3S Gallery on August 7th, 5pm.

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Still just touching down on this side of the ocean and preparing for Friday’s event,
we took a few hours to wander and happened upon an abandoned boat by an abandoned pier and an intimate,
wind swept shore that revealed the first perfect spots for a heart…

To participate, meet us at the park and get a yarn-heart. With this heart you also get a simple, fun and mindful mission: to venture outside with an open mind, wandering eyes and a curious heart and look for spots of beauty in your neighborhood.
After you choose the spot for your heart – take a photo of it in the location and send it to us along with a couple of sentences explaining the significance of the spot. Any reason is a good and valid reason –
be it the place where you first kissed or a spot with an interesting texture.
This Friday at Prescott Park, we will also take your photo along with your heart.
On August 7th, an exhibition will open at 3S Gallery, presenting your images and texts
(which will also appear on the project’s website and social media).
The exhibition forms a multifaceted display of perspectives that highlight points of beauty and importance as experienced through the eyes and souls of one’s neighbors.

Mind the Heart Community Event in Beit Tami, Tel Aviv

By Mind the Heart!,

We’re happy and excited to announce a new phase of Mind the Heart:

Starting with this pilot event in Tel Aviv and continuing in the USA until August 2018,

we are inviting people we meet to actively partake in this project, put a heart out there

and promote mindfulness to the present, to our surroundings, to nature, to our neighbors.

Throughout this year, we will hand out thousands upon thousands of the little, red yarn hearts to people we meet.

Each will go and put this heart out there, in a spot that is significant to them for any reason.

Check out the Heart Community tab on our website to keep up with the ever growing archive of this spots of significance,

of these stories and moments, of these amazing people.

Our pilot event, in collaboration with Beit Tami and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality,

took place on May 3rd and culminated in a physical exhibition opening on May 14th in Beit Tami.

You can see many more photos and texts here:

Put Your Heart Out There