Event at City Hall, Houston TX

We’re happy to announce our next big event – Tuesday, Feb. 20th, 2pm-6pm – at the Houston City Hall. Come get a yarn heart and become a part of the global Heart Community! Share you stories and photos both online and in an exhibition opening March 1st at the George R. Brown Convention Center! Many thanks to The Consulate General of Israel to the Southwest, Houston First and Houston City Hall for their support.

At City Hall we’re handing a hundred red yarn hearts and taking your photos with them. The project’s red yarn heart is a symbol and facilitator of mindfulness. To the moment, to where we live, to our neighbors. The growing Heart Community and the exhibitions the project is creating come to show that everywhere means something to someone at some point, so you should walk around with an open heart and with open eyes.

You can see the Heart Community at: http://www.mindtheheart.org/hearts/

Your mission:
1) Put your heart out there! Each yarn heart is on a clear sticker.
Gently peel it from the tab and stick it somewhere
that is significant to you. A spot in Houston you want share with
the world and others to notice.

2) Photograph your heart in its new place.
Not a selfie, just the heart and some of the surroundings.

3) Email us the photo and a short text as to why you chose that spot.

That’s it. You’ll now exhibit your photo and text at the Brown Convention Center (opening March 1st) and on the project online archive.

See you at City Hall!