hang on, Tuscaloosa AL

We stopped in Tuscaloosa briefly to meet Steve, a Professor of Theater History & Playwriting and an old friend of Nia (whom we had met in Decatur GA and had since become our own dear friend). We sat over great coffee and sandwiches on the bank of the Black Warrior River and talked about life and art and Saying Yes (a backbone of improv theater and of our journey). It was really surprising to learn that Steve and Nia hadn’t actually met in decades. Nia was turning the soil of her life over for us, revealing and replenishing this root that run deep and strong even when things seemed dormant above the surface. It is a great gift to bestow – to connect someone to your web of relations, the network that has been curated and nurtured over a lifetime. And we are as two butterflies in this year-long experiment – touch and let go, touch and move on. And hopefully – just as butterflies – our movement helps to facilitate the cycle, rekindles connections, brings things to bloom.