a hearts beats on, Orlando FL

We stayed in Orlando a couple of nights, sheltering from the storm that raged everywhere north of it. Weeks ago in Gainesville, we’d been told of a small but vibrant Vietnamese district in Orlando with legendary cuisine, and now we had a chance to try it. There were a dozen restaurants dotting a couple of city blocks. Searching online, they all looked the same, boasted a similar menu and heralded similar reviews. We picked one on a gut feeling. Serendipity would have it that Pho Hoa are patrons of the (street)arts, inviting artists from around the world to create murals on their walls in what has become a bona-fide gallery. So after dinner we stayed the night in the van at the restaurant’s lot, and in the morning created this piece – next to and in dialogue with this powerful piece commemorating the victims of the horrific event at the Pulse night club in 2016.  “and yet, a hearts beats on, a mind wonders, a soul wanders on”. #orlandostrong #wallsofphohoa