out & about in Wynwood, Miami FL

The Delray Mom sent us to Wynwood, a Miami district astonishingly filled with murals and art, covering walls, sidewalks and even homes. As is pretty always the case in buzzing, hip art areas, gentrification is ever-evident. The cycle is clear and even logical. Artists and other young people flock to rundown, cheap neighborhoods where they can afford the rent. Art blooms, small businesses mushroom and as the neighborhood becomes cooler, the rent gets higher. First pushing away the original dwellers and eventually the artists themselves, who are then forced to look for the next rundown area and restart. All of this is extremely evident in Wynwood, where homeless take up one street corner and craft micro-breweries the other. It’s a rattling, dichotomous experience, and a very powerful one. And amidst it all, the art here is really spectacular. Both the single pieces and more-so the overall effect of it. We spent several hours walking, taking it in, reacting to it with our pieces. We left full of the joy of creativity but also with deep pondering about how this colorful environment affects its less fortunate dwellers. Does it feel as if the world is mocking them with street-art tourists who flock here, mostly choosing to ignore the darker side of this palace? Or contrarily, does it instill some ever-present beauty and inspiration and in a way, helps them re-tune to life? ~R