meeting the (other) parent, Delray Beach FL

About eight months ago in Haifa, Israel, we had already deconstructed our lives there and given way our belongings, and literally had no kitchen to make dinner in. And so we went out to a smokey burger joint, a tiny tiny place run by a Russian moon-shining meat-smoking pirate of a being. Sitting on the bar, bellies full of goodness and clothes full of smokeness, we struck a conversation with a girl and her dad. A Boston girl, she was here for college and her dad was visiting from the States. We ended up with the warmest of invitations to visit him in Boston when we were there and stay at his home. Alas, dad never answered our emails or messages as we neared and then passed Boston. But, half a year later and as we neared Miami, it turned out that mom, whom we had never met, was living in Delray and would love to meet. And so, on a blue and sunny December afternoon, we met a really and totally cool mom and left a heart in Delray Beach before moving onward.