down by the water

Sitting in the teachers’ lounge after our very-early-morning assembly, a teacher at the Savannah Country Day School presented us with a handwritten sheet of paper and said very decidedly: “This is where you’re going next”. It was her decree that we need to go to Knoxville TN and meet two teachers there, former colleagues of hers. On her paper she had written down their names and emails. We were actually en route to Florida, we said, but she would have none of it. “Florida is too hot. And the leaves are turning in Tennessee. Go to Knoxville”. So, obviously, we did. Heading out north as dusk settled, we found ourselves a park for the night. A weird and wonderful place where roots grow upwards and some trees lie down. We also encountered a riverbank meeting between a fallen trunk and a reflection of his living sibling, his feet on the ground and his had in the clouds.

~ r

Colleton State Park
South Carolina
United States